I know I’ve been a delinquent blogger, but it’s been a wonderfully busy year for business. The website should be updated imminently, and maybe we can start fresh?


I’m back. May was awesome and busy. Awesomely busy even. But, lets get back to some updates from before then. First up, here’s a quick round up from the past little while of some portraits shot for The Grid.

I had the pleasure of shooting Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson, also known as Humble & Fred, in their Etobicoke radio studio. These guys have spent time pretty much all over the dial when it comes to Toronto radio, making stops at several big stations such as 102.1, AM 640 and 99.9. What does this mean to anyone who doesn’t live around here? Well not much, however now thanks to the magic of the innernette, Humble & Fred have their own station

Next up, I got to have a local organic food market on lockdown to shoot professional model/TV person, Stacey McKenzie. Well, one old lady knocked on the door and wandered in anyways, but still. I had actually shot Stacey once before a couple of years ago for Toronto Life, so it was neat to meet again. A nice gal, who is the polar opposite of many of her peers - in a good way.

But wait, there’s more! I also had the opportunity to shoot the local graffiti artist/Toronto Mayor adversary simply known as “Spud" the day after his gallery show opening. This was a unique assignment because Spud had requested that his face remain hidden, as he’s in no hurry to get busted for the infinite number of vandalism charges he’s no doubt got waiting for him. I actually have no clue what he looks like either, from the time we met up until the end of the shoot, he was totally decked out in army fatigues and a ski mask. Really friendly guy though, and yes, a fellow potato fanatic.

As you may have heard, I have a new website! This is exciting for a few reasons. It’s still new and shiny, it works faster/smoother/better than my last one, it’s extremely easy to update and last but not least I was able to work my new branding into it, which is what inspired this whole thing in the first place.

I wouldn’t say that my previous “branding” was half-assed, but it wasn’t really anything that I had worried about very much. At the time of creating my previous website and marketing material I more or less looked at the cost of a designer, died inside and went ahead and typed out my own name on some business cards in Photoshop. It worked just fine for me as I was just at a stage where I just really needed local publications to learn my name and my work. That’s not to discount the value of solid branding at all (and some might argue that it was perhaps even more important at that stage of the game), but my main priority was just being able to show as much of my work to as many people as possible, so that’s where all time/money/resources/effort went.

Now, I’m certainly not dominating my corner of the industry or anything like that at all, but I’m much more comfortable with where I stand now vs. 3 years ago with the work I’ve done and am doing. It just seemed like it was time to start to finesse the finer points of my business, starting with a better web presence and a more professional (hopefully) brand that can extend across all aspects of my business from website to business cards to invoices to my portfolio and so on and so forth.

Enter: Trevor and Aftermodern Lab. Trevor came as one of many recommendations from the fine folks at Mason (who I’ve worked on a few projects with previously), but his work stood head and shoulders above the rest to me. I’ve been looking for a designer who is extremely talented with all things font related for a very long time and Trevor fit the bill perfectly. I know next to nothing about what makes text look good, but I know what I like, and thankfully Trevor and myself appear to be on the same wavelength as far as visuals are concerned.

What started as rambling and notes in a coffee shop eventually ended up in some solid ideas and samples passed back and forth. I think there were something like 20+ options overall in the end. Here are a few samples of the process, and who knows maybe it’s something I’ll revisit in awhile:

Once I had kind of established what I was liking and what I was not liking, we started to tweak and fine tune things a bit until eventually landing on the basic design that I was going to go with:

From there, a winner was selected and Trevor tightened things up where they needed it and worked his magic to finish it up, which brings us to where we are now:

Next up: portfolio etching, leave behinds and maybe a tattoo on my face.



My new site is finally up and running! Blogging normalcy should happen this week! For now I never want to see a computer screen again! Go!


So, I got some of my newer work printed up in an effort to update my book. This made me think it would be a great time to update my website. Now, for the last 2-3 weeks all of my time, when not shooting, has been dedicated to building a brand new website (one that will hopefully have this here blog embedded, for those that are stumbling upon it that way). 

I also spent some time working with a very talented designer on a little bit of “re-branding,” which I’m excited to blog about shortly!

In the meantime, here’s some pollution courtesy of Sudbury, Ontario.